My buddy’s tangie mini sleek banger!!! Hooked up to R2D2

Maybe it’s me ?

Maybe there’s something wrong with me ..

And that why nobody stayyys..

I just want someone who gonna care for me like I will for them. Someone to look at me and say wow you are beautiful. Someone who won’t mind my weirdness or my thoughts. Someone who will sit by me while I have a panic attack. I want someone that will do everything that I would do for them.

Because lately I’ve been caring, thinking and loving people that aren’t treating me the same as I do them. I just want things to be different ..

different city , different people , same problems as before.


Anxiety & unwanted thoughts are absolutely horrible to deal with, but I’m determined to beat them eventually. This is how I envision them - I suppose venting through drawing is one of my ways of coping with it.


For real


I just need a girl to smoke this all with


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This song 👌

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Always falling for someone just as fucked up as me. They just don’t know that lol